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Road rage brawl between lawyer, retired cop caught on video

"Old men in ties, fighting" video leads to citizen's arrest and guffaws

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Boys will be boys. But what about when they’re old guys who probably have grandchildren for whom they ought to be setting an example? Well if road rage is involved, they’ll still be boys. Or so this video suggests.

Shot by an onlooker (in vertical format, unfortunately) by witness Jessica Breuer, the cellphone video captures a ridiculous, laugh-out-loud smackdown between what she calls “old men in ties.”

Both drivers were stopped at a red light in Los Angeles when the confrontation occurred, according to a report on KTLA news.

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In the video, a man (later identified as attorney Randalf Kincaid) gets out of his Volkswagen Beetle, approaches the driver of a BMW and hits him.

The BMW driver, a retired LAPD police officer, surprises Kincaid with a professionally executed chokehold and then they both lie down in the street and rest up for a minute before onlookers step in to break up the brawl before it turns into a nap.

It looks like absolutely no one was in any danger of getting hurt at any point here, but KTLA says that the retired officer placed Kincaid under citizen’s arrest and that Kincaid was taken in on suspicion of battery.

Video: A slap, a chokehold and whew, time for a rest

  • Road rage brawl between lawyer, retired cop caught on video

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