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RCMP Check Thousands of Vehicles on Victoria Day Weekend

Remember, the Mounties always get their man.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy May 30, 2019
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The May 24th weekend, which this year was mystifyingly held nowhere near May 24th, is the unofficial start of summer for most Canadians. Barbecue, sunny weather, and good times bring out the best in us.

And the worst, in some cases. That’s why the nation’s constabulary keeps a close eye on the roads over the long weekend, setting up a myriad of traffic stops and checkpoints. A couple of RCMP detachments spelled out exactly what nefarious offenses they uncovered during these stops and how many vehicles they checked.

In the province of Newfoundland, gendarmes stopped a total of 1947 vehicles on May 18th alone across a series of 31 checkpoints. A total of ten drivers were found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 50mg% or above, with seven of those registering in the criminal charge range of 80mg% or above. Don’t drink and drive, kids.

Not a soul was hauled off because they were impaired by drugs but there was a single roadside suspension for the same. Two were cited under the provincial cannabis control act. The end goal is to find everyone clean, of course, but finding just 0.1% of drivers in violation of the act suggests that legalization hasn’t resulted in the reefer madness that some wet blankets were predicting.

Across the country in Manitoba, RCMP officers checked about 1000 vehicles on May 18th at 23 different checkpoints. Over the entire week, 28 people were charged with impaired driving under the criminal code and 479 speeding tickets were doled out. A total of 10 boneheads didn’t have their seatbelt on.

Next door in Alberta, between May 17-20, 2019, there were three fatalities and 27 injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. Cops issued 2075 speeding tickets and 79 tickets for seatbelt violations over the course of the Victoria Day long weekend. Leading up to the May 2-4 weekend, Alberta RCMP focused enforcement operations on occupant restraints, speeding, distracted, and impaired driving as part of Road Safety Week.

Back east, Nova Scotia RCMP spent time on the off-road trail network, nabbing 80 ATVs and issuing tickets or warnings for offences under that province’s off-highway vehicle act. Infractions ranged from paperwork problems like lack of registration or insurance to not wearing a helmet and the illegal possession of liquor.

canaRemember, the Mounties always get their man.