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Rare Lamborghini Miura burns
to a cinder in London street

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You know what’s the most sickening smell ever? The smell of burning money mixed with despair.
That’s the aroma that filled the streets of central London on the weekend when a rare 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV worth $1.7 million burst into flames.
The Miura — which in its day was the fastest production car in the world, topping out at a scorching 170 mph — was engulfed in smoke and flames as its owner, a London property investor, looked on in horror.
He was stuck in heavy traffic when the blaze began, apparently in the engine.
And though the footage from a YouTube video suggests the Miura is burned beyond salvation, one optimistic classic car specialist told the U.K. Mirror the Miura SV is “never beyond repair.”
“It will need full restoration but will be back on the road,” said James Cottingham of DK Engineering.
“It is a bitter reminder that you should always carry a fire extinguisher when you have a classic car.”
Watch the video, below, of the doomed Miura roasting in the fires of hell.

  • Rare Lamborghini Miura burns <br>to a cinder in London street

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