• 1500 Limited Black

RAM goes Dark with 1500 Limited Black and HD Night Special Editions

Look for these trucks to appear on dealer lots later this autumn.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy September 26, 2019
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No longer do manufacturers let their trucks sit on their laurels, waiting for them to become a furshlugginer of a thing before tossing a few marketing dollars its way. With the segment more cutthroat than ever before, it behooves the smart company to keep things as fresh as possible.

Enter the Ram 1500 Limited Black and Ram Heavy Duty Night. Introduced today at the sweltering State Fair of Texas, these special edition pickups are designed to hold the interest of the general public while keeping the brand faithful coming back for more.

Ram 1500 (the new one, not the older style 1500 Classic, in case you are confused) is building upon its high zoot Limited trim by adding several cubic yards of inky black paint. Its grille and billboard R A M lettering have been visited by the Dark Lord, as have its bumpers, badging, and mirrors. Drawing from the Limited’s catalog of wheels, massive 22-inch dark hoops appear on the Black as does a standard tonneau cover and hood design robbed from the Sport model.

This trim will be available on 1500 pickups of the 4×2 and 4×4 variety, equipped with either the 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel or the 5.7L Hemi V8(with or without eTorque assistance). A wheels.ca buying tip: go for the non-eTorque V8. This truck will have a pricetag starting at an eye-watering $75,465.

1500 Limited Black

In the heavyweight corner we find the Ram HD Night, available on Big Horn and Laramie trims. Taking significant cues from the 1500 Black, it also wears monochromatic clothes accented with black badging and 20-inch wheels. Eagle-eyed spotters take note: the grille will have a body-colour surround. Customers who decide to purchase a Ram HD with dual rear wheels will not only find themselves in possession of a truck with hips like Shakira but also black painted 17-inch wheels. This is a first for the brand; dark wheels on a dualie, that is, not Shakira’s curves.

Inked-up Night editions will be found on both 2500 and 3500 HDs, with either Crew or Mega Cab body configurations. Feel free to select 4×4 but 4×2 is also available with the Night package if you’re a chump. Both the 6.4L gas-powered V8 and mighty 6.7L diesel Cummins, an engine that is capable of producing 1000lb.-ft of torque, are available for order with this group.

Look for these trucks to appear on dealer lots later this autumn.