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Queensland Australia Launching Emoji License Plates

No, you can't get any emoji you want.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 19, 2019

Personalised licence plates are nothing new. Drivers in many countries can have their plate say just about anything. Or have the logo of their favourite sports team, university, or tons of other groups that have petitioned to be included on a plate. But this new one might be just one step too far. Emoji license plates.

Like OMG, that’s right. It might leave you with a squinting tongue face, or it might leave you a nauseated face. But like it or not, the emoji is making the jump from your phone screen to real life. Drivers in Queensland Australia will be able to get emojis on their plate.

No, you can’t get any emoji you want. There will be no fleets of eggplant emojis, no firearms, and not even a licence poo-late. For now, there are just five. Laugh out loud, wink, sunglasses, heart-eyes, just a plain-ol’ smiley face.

The plates are available through Personalised Plates Queensland, which though it has a pretty cool Instagram account of cars is really the branch of the government that is responsible for personalised plates.

If you’re looking to get that level of emoji expression on your car, and you happen to be in Australia, it won’t come cheap. The emoji plates start from AUD $475. That’s on top of the registration fees for the car. But you can get it in Australian plate size, Euro-size, or even North America-sized. Even if you’re giving an eye-roll emoji to the idea of putting a smiley on your plate, the state offers a surprising array of license plate options. Forget just getting the letters or team you want, they offer up multiple colours, shapes, and you can even get your business name and logo printed on your plate.

Emoji License Plates

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