• The 24 Minutes of Le Mans

Porsche Turns 919 Tires into Records. The Audio Kind.

Since even race car tires are only so wide, there are just 200 of the records being made.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 19, 2019
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Porsche is used to setting records, but this might be a new one for the automaker. Actual records. Vinyl ones. Made from tires of LeMans winning cars and stamped with the sounds of what it takes to win at the 24-hour race.

Porsche isn’t sending factory cars to the top classes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, but they have an impressive legacy at la Circuit de la Sarthe. 19 overall wins is a pretty good record. So they’re making an even better record.

The automaker removed the last set of tires that were on the sports prototype 919 Hybrid that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017. They took the race-winning rubber and shredded it. With a real shredder, we presume, not with the racer’s hybrid powertrain. Then they pressed the pieces into records. The spinny kind.

Pressed onto those records will be 24 minutes of audio. Symbolizing the 24 hours of the race, though it also happens to be about the maximum time you can cram onto a single side of an LP.

The tracks tell 24 iconic stories of Porsche and Le Mans. Recounted and narrated by some big names in Porsche and Le Mans racing. Dr Wolfgang Porsche, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Derek Bell, Walter Rohrl, and more. They aren’t all success stories either. Some years are class-winning, some years are outright victory, and there’s even one year where Porsche’s help to a competitor cost itself the win.

The 24 Minutes of Le Mans

Since even race car tires are only so wide, there are just 200 of the records being made. And only 24 of those will be available for purchase. To help make the process fairer, Porsche will be holding an auction. At midnight CET on the 24th, all 24 copies will be up for sale. They’re likely to go immediately, and the proceeds go to Loisirs Pluriel. A Le Mans-based organization supporting disabled children in France.

If you don’t fancy your odds in the auction, or just don’t have a record player, you aren’t out in the cold. Porsche has made all of the tracks available on multiple music services, including iTunes and Spotify. It’s online for streaming now.

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