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Porsche Travel Experience Covers Both Coasts

An unforgettable drive begins in an iconic sports car.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy July 7, 2018

There are plenty of beautiful drive routes in the world, many of which are ripe for tackling with the performance of a new Porsche. The gearheads from Stuttgart realize this, having created the Porsche Travel Experience, a program that guides drivers to some of the most jaw-dropping roads in the world. Now, they’ve added two new Canadian routes to their catalog.

The first takes a jaunt around the East Coast, taking in magnificent roads on the Cabot Trail before heading south to check out Nova Scotia’s world-renowned cadre of lighthouses and coastal drives. The province’s geography changes dramatically as one moves from east to west, allowing drivers of 911s and Caymans to soak up new sights and sounds at every turn. It’s a great combination of scenic woodlands, vibrant ocean vistas, and stunning coastline rock formations.

Unsurprisingly, a company with the provenance of Porsche isn’t content to allow its drivers to eat at quick-serve burger joints. The team has selected a series of world-class restaurants, paired with fine accommodations at places like Fox Harb’r and the Keltic Lodge. Every leg of the tour is designed to unite driver and traveler, allowing folks to experience this incredible province.

These three-day packages start at $3749 per person plus tax, with driving starting around 9:00 am each day and wrapping up before dinner. Two tours are currently planned for the middle of October with a limit of twenty people per tour.

Porsche Travel Experience

On the West Coast, Porsche has cooked up a four-day adventure that takes drivers up the famous Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler before continuing through picturesque Vernon and Osoyoos, the southern-most point in the Okanagan.

In addition to experiencing soaring mountains and stunning valleys, drivers will get to experience the 911 Carrera S on both road and track surfaces and the 420 horsepower Cayenne S on a specially designed off-road circuit. These $4995 tours are planned for earlier in the calendar year with more events possibly being added towards the end of the summer.

Porsche Travel Experience

The first two days are occupied with seat time in the 911, with drivers getting a chance to wind out the machinery on their way to Whistler, stopping at the Callaghan Valley to swap the sports cars for an all-wheel drive Cayenne for an afternoon of off-road driving. After arriving at the famous Sparkling Hill Resort at the end of Day 2, drivers can relax at the famous Sparkling Hill Resort.

Day 3 kicks off at Area 27, an exclusive membership based luxury motorsports club opened in 2016. It was designed by racing pro Jacques Villeneuve, stretching 4.83 kilometres with sixteen turns over 100m of elevation change. Turn 7 has a wild twenty degrees of banking.

Be sure to check out the Porsche Experience web page for all the details

.Porsche Travel Experience

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