Porsche Cayenne's New Interior Shows Lessons Learned from Taycan EV

Not completely new but heavily refreshed.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Apr 18, 2023 3 min. read

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Porsche is getting a new driver experience ready to go along with the upcoming new Cayenne SUV. The new layout takes inspiration from classic Porsches, but it also has integrated some lessons learned from the Taycan EV. The two have been combined to make something uniquely Porsche that Porsche says should be better for both driver and passenger.

First up, though, the basic layout. Because this gives us a preview of the rest of the new Cayenne, or at least how deep the changes will go. Everything under the beltline is largely carried over from the current Cayenne. The underside of the dash, centre console shape, and most of the door panel won't be exactly the same, but it will be mostly the same.

This tells us that the next Cayenne will be a refresh, not all-new. Though it doesn't say how extensive styling and powertrain changes might be.

Cayenne Interior

Above that dash line, things are very new. Starting with the 12.6-inch digital dash and extending into the more horizontal emphasis that is meant to make the Cayenne feel wider and more spacious inside.

Like in the Taycan EV, this is a free-standing design with loads of display configuration options. The gear selector moves from the centre console to the dashboard, mounted to the right of the gauge panel.

The dash has seven different available views. Customization includes rev counter, navigation, 3D driving assistant, or even night vision. More simple views are offered, including one that looks more like the classic Porsche five-gauge display.

Thanks to the new dash and moved shifter, Porsche has completely redesigned the centre console as far as controls go. Instead of the great big gear change and a load of switches, most of the console is now smooth.

Cayenne Interior

However, and this is one of the big lessons from the Taycan, the HVAC controls are toggle switches. With a few haptic buttons thrown in, this is a more traditional HVAC experience. Porsche said about the Taycan that "maybe it was so digital that for this generation we learned that we wanted to add a little bit more of analog flavour again."

Porsche's infotainment system runs on a 12.3-inch screen mounted in the centre. This will use Porsche's latest software and includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are two USB-C ports to connect your phone in the front storage compartment. You can also pair your phone by simply scanning a QR code displayed on the screen.

Cayenne Interior

For the first time in the Cayenne, Porsche is adding a passenger screen. The 10.9-inch screen can let the passenger handle navigation responsibilities. It can also be used to stream video to keep the passenger occupied. Special filters make sure the driver can't watch the video while the passenger can.

Then there's the steering wheel. This is the design from the latest 911, completely new from the last Cayenne. The more modern design has drive mode switches mounted to the wheel as standard. There is also a toggle button to change dash display modes and head-up display controls.

Lastly, the new bits include louver-less air vents and goodies like a cooled 15-watt wireless charge tray.


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