• Land Serwis Will Build You a New Land Rover Defender

Polish Company Land Serwis Will Build You a New Defender

Or restore your old one to better-than-new condition

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams April 25, 2019
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The Land Rover Defender, and the Series Landies that came before it, have been off road icons for 70 years. And a reputation like that doesn’t just disappear. Even if Land Rover ended production of the model more than three years back. Which is why there’s still a company building brand new Defenders, using factory tooling. If you should happen to want one.

Land Serwis is a Polish company that will help to keep you Roving with your Defender. New or old. That’s because unlike most restoration shops, where they’re forced to buy old-stock parts, use aftermarket reproductions, or bodge together something from somewhere else, Land Serwis has original factory frame tooling. Plus plans for parts and spares for the off-roaders. The company says it’s one of just four in the world, and the only one outside of the UK, with the ability to do that.

Of course, arriving after factory production is finished also gives them some advantages. Like they’re making frames using thicker metal than standard. From higher grade steels. Adding extra protection against corrosion like hot-dip galvanizing, which they say that the originals didn’t see. And using that original tooling they can make modifications to the frame. Braces for gear, extra tanks, different wheelbases, or non-standard engines. You know, little stuff.

So while they will keep selling parts for existing trucks, they’re going to build some new ones, too. With nearly unlimited customization options. A Crew Cab Pickup based on a 2010 model is the first demonstration of what they can do, though it’s not quite an entirely new truck.

Land Serwis Will Build You a New Land Rover Defender Land Serwis Will Build You a New Land Rover Defender

The Heritage Limited Edition that they’ve recreated here was a model built in 2015. Part of the last run from the factory, they got a vintage-look grille and that Grasmere Green paint. They were a tribute to the very first 1947 pre-production Land Rover Series 1.

Some of the upgrades that Land Serwis has added include a 2.0-inch lift from SuperGaz suspension. Fitted with heritage-look Wolf steel wheels and Goodyear Wrangler tires. The axles in there are available as standard-spec or with HD versions. They added a classic-look radiator grille and silver front bumper, along with wider fenders. Inside, they’ve added sound insulation material, a padded headliner, and new carpets.

Land Serwis says that they can build a car using 99 percent new parts using frames they’ve built and parts from the warehouse. Bring them vehicle ID and plates and they can build you one from scratch. Or they can take the one you have and rebuild it from the ground up. With a warranty. Making sure the Defender continues to defend for years to come.

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