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Police ticket girls' illegally parked Barbie Jeep

Preschoolers, you've been warned: No crime goes unpunished in Utah

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It seems like a Jimmy Kimmel prank waiting to be revealed. Alas, this bizarre case of  overzealous, if not downright pointless, policing appears to be reality.

Police in American Fork, Utah, have issued an abandoned-vehicle ticket to a Barbie Jeep owned by two young girls.

The toy was left overnight on the sidewalk next to the family’s driveway, and when the father of the two girls who left it there woke up, he found it parked behind his SUV — with an abandoned vehicle ticket on it.

CarBuzz reports that while the reporter in the news video (below) is treating the incident as a humourous feature, it is clearly a real ticket that will have to be paid. What’s even more astonishing is the attitude of the police spokesman being interviewed.

“These little girls are very lucky,” he intones. “Normally we would tow it away.”

Yeah, you kids, you’re “lucky.” Just because you’re cute and blond and barely out of kindergarten doesn’t mean you can get away with a life of crime. You’ve been warned!

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