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Police pull over car and find built-in pool inside

Driver and passengers flee as police pull over their modified BMW

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BERLIN—A car caught cruising the streets of a sleepy east German village on a sweltering summer’s day sported a decidedly unorthodox feature: a pool filled to the brim with water.

German police say a motorcycle cop first became suspicious when he saw water sloshing out of a car as it rounded a corner Sunday afternoon near Blauenthal, about  250 kilometres south of Berlin.

Then it passed him, and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw four men, including the driver, splashing about in swim trunks in the open-top BMW.

Realizing they’d been spotted and with the officer in hot pursuit, the men drove to a parking lot, fled the car and jumped into a nearby river, although one later returned to claim his clothes.

Police found that the car had been converted into a swimming pool on wheels, sealed with synthetic material and filled with 2,000 litres of water, according to Spiegel Online. It also had a wooden railing and cheap floral decorations, and attracted so many spectators that the officer had to call for reinforcements.

Spokesman Frank Fischer said Thursday that police were still investigating which of the men was driving the mobile pool and whether he was drunk. He said the vehicle itself “probably didn’t have a road permit.”

  • Police pull over car and find built-in pool inside The photo provided by the police in Chemnitz on June 23, 2013 shows a car that has been converted into a driveable pool in Eibenstock, eastern Germany. Young people from the Erzgebirge mountains have converted their car into a pool. Four people fled from the car when it was stopped by a police officer. (AP Photo/Polizei Chemnitz)
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