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Anonymous driver's 'record speeds' video gets police attention

BMW Z4 driver posted video of record-setting lap around Manhattan

An anonymous driver claims to have made a lap of Manhattan in a record time of 24 minutes and seven seconds, a new record in a city that has a history of drivers recklessly trying to break the record.

And it’s a good thing he (or she) is fast, because the NYPD are going to be on his tail pretty soon.

The driver, who goes by the YouTube name AfroDuckProduction, posted a video (below) of the entire 26.5 mile loop taken from the dashboard of a BMW Z4. The intro to the video notes the run was made on August 26th, and that the driver broke the previous record — 27 seconds, set in 2001 — despite having to stop at six red lights.

Some are posting comments in support and admiration of the feat. Others are critical.

One person posted on his YouTube page:  “For anyone thinking this is a great idea, understand that this moron is one sneeze away from killing a family.”

The New York Police Department is determined to catch the lawbreaker and says technology is on their side.

“We’ve seen this before.  We’ve taken enforcement action,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told Fox News. ” We now have license plate readers that will help in this investigation.”

  • Anonymous driver's 'record speeds' video gets police attention

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