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Police officer runs with the supercars, loses his badge

A New Jersey state trooper who gave a high-speed police escort to a gaggle of exotic supercars leaving a car show has lost his job for life.

The entire, joyride, which reached speeds of up to 120 mph (about 193 km/h) was captured on video, showing veteran officer Nadir Nassry and his partner, Joseph Ventrella, weaving in and out of traffic along with a gaggle of Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches and Lamborghinis on the Garden State Parkway, according to

The video has since been taken down from YouTube.

Participants in the joyride were members of a New York City-based club of sports car enthusiasts and included Brandon Jacobs, a running back who formerly played for the New York Giants and a friend of Nassry’s who requested the escort, New Jersey’s Star Ledger newspaper reported.

In addition to being banned from the force for life, Nassry, a 26-year veteran, also received a year of probation Monday and an order to perform 75 hours of community service after taking a plea deal to fourth degree charges of tampering with evidence. He admitted to using electrical tape to cover up the license plates on his patrol car for the trip to Atlantic City.

His partner, Ventrella, a seven-year veteran, has also been forced to surrender his badge and will lead a program for first-time offenders.

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  • Police officer runs with the supercars, loses his badge

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