Pirelli to make a Sound System

Pirelli will collaborate on a premium audio system that is available in nine different colours that same as the nine different compounds it offers for F1 racecars.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca August 4, 2018
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Pirelli has joined forces with IXOOST, an Italian firm from Modena that specializes in high-end car audio, to create a new sound experience inspired by motorsport.

The result is an exclusive hi-fi system that includes a cutting-edge Bluetooth speaker within a replica Wind Tunnel Tire: made by Pirelli for Formula 1 Teams to conduct aerodynamic testing.

The wind tunnel is a vital tool for Formula 1 Teams to study every aspect of airflow, in their unending search for optimal performance – where the tires play a vital role as well.

And from the scale-model F1 Wind Tunnel tire, PIRELLI P ZERO sound by IXOOST was born. This is a mini tire that sets new standards of design and technology, traveling its own road when it comes to music.

The acoustic system includes a powerful amplifier with a 100-watt digital signal processor and is equipped with a 100-millimeter mid-woofer as well as a 25 mm silk tweeter.

The whole system is made entirely in Italy by IXOOST, featuring handcrafted unique touches and attention to detail.

With the most advanced 4.0 Bluetooth APTX technology, PIRELLI P ZERO sound can connect wirelessly to smartphones and other compatible devices, enhancing the audio signal in wireless mode and ensuring the best possible playback.

PIRELLI P ZERO Sound is available in nine different colours that reflect those used to distinguish the different racing compounds.

Thanks to its shape and extremely compact dimensions (330 mm diameter and maximum depth of 200 mm), this inspiring design piece will fit in anywhere, lending a unique and original touch to its surroundings.


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