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Penske brothers arrested for alleged break-in

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Racing mogul Roger Penske has to be shaking his head at this news.

Two of his sons were arrested and charged early Thursday morning after they allegedly assaulted two women before breaking into a yacht club on Nantucket Island, according to a report from Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror.

The women claimed the Penske brothers, Jay, 33, and Mark, 35, assaulted them in the parking lot of the Nantucket Yacht Club. Police allege the brothers then later broke into the yacht club.

The bizarre police report says the two women happened upon the Penske brothers urinating in the parking lot.

When confronted, one of the women said Penske “turned and continued to urinate on her boots.” He then allegedly grabbed her arm and pushed her.

The two brothers have been charged with breaking and entering with the intent to commit a misdemeanor.

Jay Penske is the owner of several successful Internet companies as well as Dragon Racing of the IZOD IndyCar Series. Drivers Sebastien Bourdais and Katherine Legge are under contract to him.

Jay Penske signed Paul Tracy to drive several races for him during the 2011 season. When Roger Penske heard the news, he said he was surprised to hear that “the two guys who gave me the most trouble” had teamed up.

  • Penske brothers arrested for alleged break-in
  • Penske brothers arrested for alleged break-in

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