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Pair of V12 BMW Individuals Impress, Keep you Connected

Loaded with everything BMW could throw at them.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams May 7, 2019
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In the late 1990s, BMW built some seriously heavy hitters. The Euro M3 we didn’t really get, the M5 monster mid-sizer, and the ultra-cool 740i Sports. But the big dogs, not just in the Bavarian lineup, but across the board, were the V12s. The 850Ci and 750iL. Imagine, though, that you took the big 12s to BMW’s custom shop for a money no object makeover? Well, you might end up with something like these, from BMW Individual.

We’ll start with the 850Ci. Packing that 325 hp 5.4L V12. It comes in a stunning Tobago blue that you’ve probably never seen before. That’s because that shade was a very rare option, one that was only available from Individual on these cars.



On the inside, the special blue carpeting matches that interior colour with an impressive amount of flash for a BMW. The seats are inset with the same blue, and a black surround. Even the doors come in blue.

It’s rare enough these days to find a clean 8, but this one has only put 87,000 km on the odometer. It’s one of just 22 sold new in the Netherlands, where it’s for sale now.

But it’s the 7, though, that truly impresses.



Just take a look at that rear seat. That DVD player in the back of your crossover has nothing on this. It’s a nicer seat than most business class airliners, in a car that can move almost as quickly.

Tray tables, wood trim, massaging features, yes, you can have them all. And then it gets really cool. Sure it’s got cell phones in leather trim that matches the seats. Yes, that’s phones plural. It also has a TV mounted in the center console for rear seat passengers. There’s a roof-mounted setup for a trip-computer and audio system to be accessed by rear-seat passengers.

But wait, as they say on the ads, there’s more. Like a fridge mounted behind the rear armrest. And, finally, the absolutely most baller feature you could get in a car in 1999. A fax machine. Oh yes. This might be the only car in the entire world with factory nav AND a fax machine.

This 7 was loaded with everything BMW could throw at it. Because it was the car that they used for the brochure. So naturally you get a copy of that brochure, along with a whole stack of paperwork. This car has just over 107,000 km on the clock, but it looks newer than any 1990s BMW has since, well, the ’90s. The dealer says they won’t sell this one to just anybody, and, well, we can’t say we blame them.

Source: Autoleitner