Second Hand: Nissan Murano

Never even considered purchasing an SUV, reads a confession on the Internet. Went to buy the (Nissan) 350Z and left with the Murano.

Movies need to belt up

The movies have long been criticized for corrupting our children's morals and encouraging all sorts of bad behaviour. There's even a current petition to ban the depiction of smoking in movies.

Gearbox tough to shift in cold weather

The symptom got worse as the weather became colder. A Ford dealership said the clutch slave cylinder might be faulty, but couldn't guarantee that a replacement (about $450) would help. They also said

Benz all-wheel drive a constant ally

Sometimes simpler is better. Mercedes-Benz has taken that approach with its 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, now purchased on most Mercedeses sold in Canada.

Rider gear needs TLC

You've properly stored your motorcycle for its long winter nap, Yep, bike's done. I'm good. Not so fast, Sparky. What about the rest of your equipment?

GM wins top awards

The Saturn Aura has been voted North American Car of the Year for 2007, while the Chevrolet Silverado has won the North American Truck of the Year title.

Motor City holds onto home advantage

Although the companies based here have been going through tough times in recent years, Detroit is still Motor City, whether your company is headquartered in Tokyo or Stuttgart or Seoul.

Focus on tech for real world

GM's commitment to electric-drive technology was the biggest technical news to emanate from the Detroit auto show media days, but there was plenty of other technology on display.

Volt plugs into the future

Far more than just an engineering or public-relations exercise, she says, E-Flex is a tangible commitment by GM to develop and produce an electric-drive architecture with the flexibility to accommodat