Ford finds its Edge

If there's any way to communicate just how important a vehicle the new Edge is to Ford, consider the fact that the company recently sunk more than $1 billion into transforming its Oakville assembly pl

Cruising Carolina's curves

Western North Carolina is more than just NASCAR, Opie and Mayberry. It's also home to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic, snaking ribbon of asphalt almost 700 kilometres long, much of it through the sou

Dealership design an extension of the brand

Last year, I had the privilege of opening a brand-new car dealership in Mississauga. It was one of the proudest moments of my life, with family, friends, colleagues and local dignitaries on hand to ce

Versa bets on room

The 2007 Nissan Versa (from versatility) is the first North American product from the Japanese firm's 1999 tie-up with Renault.

Kia Rio5

Price: base/as tested 13,695/$15,995

New and old Civics have tire challenges

I am a very lucky owner of a brand new (lovely) 2006 Honda Civic Si. It comes with 17-inch wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires (P215/45R17). In November, I am going to change to narrower winter tir

Bad plug wire likely behind Escort's misfiring

The hesitation under load you have described suggests ignition failure. Your engine is simply misfiring. If you continue to drive the Escort in this condition, the service engine soon light should eve

Never too old or poor to go karting

Jim Wenger is a news editor for Global Television and lives in Don Mills with his wife Anne and their three sons: university students James and Matthew, and Christopher, who goes to high school.

Toyota Tacoma tops in dirty truck war

Drive on smooth roads, drive off-road, haul a trailer and stow a lot of cargo: those were the tests at the first-ever Canadian Truck King Challenge.

Rendezvous soon to end

Production of the Buick Rendezvous, which was far more successful than its Pontiac Aztek sibling, ends in December.