Ducati Monster S4RS

Top-quality components and powerful engine would bring out the hooligan in Mother Teresa

Acura vision hints at V8

Acura's new Advanced Sedan Concept, making its world debut at the Los Angeles auto show, which ends tomorrow, is one to watch.

GM to make side bags standard

The announcement was made as GM unveiled a new $10 million (U.S.) crash test facility in suburban Detroit that will help it study rollover crashes.

Memorabilia for your bookshelves

I own a lot of books, a veritable library of all things auto racing. In fact, every time I walk into the Library Room at Canadian racing driver Scott Maxwell's Mini Grid store, I swear I'm looking at

Dealer can set car price

Do dealers have to honour the auto maker's posted window sticker price, even if it's wrong, or can they change it?

It's false economy to scrimp on tires

Your tires are perhaps a vehicle's most important safety item. Worn, damaged or ill-fitting tires can impair the performance of your vehicle and pose serious safety risks.