Never too old or poor to go karting

Jim Wenger is a news editor for Global Television and lives in Don Mills with his wife Anne and their three sons: university students James and Matthew, and Christopher, who goes to high school.

Toyota Tacoma tops in dirty truck war

Drive on smooth roads, drive off-road, haul a trailer and stow a lot of cargo: those were the tests at the first-ever Canadian Truck King Challenge.

Rendezvous soon to end

Production of the Buick Rendezvous, which was far more successful than its Pontiac Aztek sibling, ends in December.

Berlin to Paris

Put yourself in my shoes. You have to get to Paris for a press event hosted by Audi, VW's upscale brand.

BMW's X5 gets a boost

The challenge for BMW to redesign the tremendously successful X5 was to adapt it to suit the latest market needs, especially since the debut of several robust new competitors from Europe.

Rough and ready Ralliart makes fun wagon

While the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart may have been a painful tease for the Lancer Evolution that we can't get here in Canada, it's also a really nice little car with a dose of extra attitude.

Top hat adds sense of style to BMW's Z4

Introduced in 2002 when BMW design chief Chris Bangle was championing what he called flame surfacing, the Z4 convertible suffered from terrible inflammation.

Ford finds its Edge

”If there's any way to communicate just how important a vehicle the new Edge is to Ford, consider the fact that the company recently sunk more than $1 billion into transforming its Oakville assembly

AMG turns up the heat in power war

The aggressor in this conflict is Mercedes-Benz. Or, more specifically, AMG, the high-performance arm of this Stuttgart-based auto maker.

Dealer cheaped out on Saab

Q I recently purchased a 2004 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible. The dealer agreed to replace the front tires, which were badly worn. I expected they would put on the same tires as the rear tires, which are o