Stop already

This is something that has bugged me for some time, but has finally come to a head, with the introduction of the so-called 'B-segment' cars.

Darn right, fog lights are blinding

Well, what a surprise. I turned to Wheels' letters page expecting to see a barrage of opinions endorsing Ian Law's views on fog lights, but instead I found a remarkable number of respondents justifyin

Clearing the air on Clean Air Act

The introduction of the federal government's Clean Air Act last week, rather than clarifying public understanding about air pollutants and other emissions, seems to have exacerbated the confusion.

Four karters win futures

Becoming a race driver requires talent, ambition, dedication, fitness, personality, money and, yes, luck.

A hallowed tradition

When I was growing up in Toronto, one of our neighbours would go all out at Halloween.

Honda puts clean pioneer out to pasture

Time is running out on your chance to own a piece of automotive history that can unabashedly declare your greenness. The Honda Insight has now ceased production, and there are only a few left to be so

Road hog rage

Few abuses of power anger ordinary Beijingers more than a road hog with military number plates blaring their horn and running a red light.

New Corollas to bow in 2008

Toyota has rolled out its next-generation Corolla in Japan, scheduled to reach North America in the spring of 2008.

325-plus km/h on a bike

Trillium Muir has a dual target. One is a woman named Susan Robertson. The other is a number: 210. That's miles per hour, which translates into 337.89 km/h.

Ford finds its Edge

If there's any way to communicate just how important a vehicle the new Edge is to Ford, consider the fact that the company recently sunk more than $1 billion into transforming its Oakville assembly pl