Callaway C16

Our regular Design Analysis columnists have unusual assignments this time out. Paul Deutschman discusses his own work, the Corvette-based Callaway C16, revealed recently at the L.A. auto show. Michael

No signs of sexism

Officials in a small town south of Madrid, Spain recently decided to curb sexism from their street signage by changing half of the traffic lights and road signs to female figures with skirts and ponyt

Vantage V8 Roadster arrives

At Los Angeles' auto show late last year, Aston Martin unveiled the V8 Vantage Roadster, the British automaker's latest ragtop.

Subaru honours Burns with special STI

Subaru of Britain recently announced a special edition Impreza WRX STI in memory of its renowned rally driver Richard Burns, who died in November 2005.

Nissan outlines green efforts

Nissan Motor Co. recently announced its new Nissan Green Program 2010, which outlines its environmental initiatives into the next decade.

Someone's slipping

It seems strange that in Canada, of all places, that something like traction control is so hard to get.

Vintage Vette could save school

The Associated Press reported recently that concerned grandparents in Reading, Ohio hope to save their grandkids elementary school by raffling off the 1966 Corvette Stingray they've owned since 1973.

Float funny

A man driving a float in a Christmas parade was charged with drunk driving after speeding down the street and passing another float.

Calling a spade, a shovel

The Japanese automaker put on quite the dog and pony show to convince the masses that the Tundra is, the most American vehicle in Toyota history.

Little guys make the big time

For exhibitors, vendors and sponsors alike, the sheer number of attendees at the AutoShow still makes it the premier event in the GTA to get their messages across.

Volvo wagon world debut

Volvo's next-generation V70 station wagon makes its world debut at next month's Geneva motor show.

Tib price cut

The 2007 Tiburon coupe starts at $18,995, a drop of more than $1,600 from 2006. Hyundai Canada says.

Taking it all in at the show

Pampered press days are all very well, but the only real way to appreciate the appeal of the auto show is to get right in there.

Windstar interior wins plaudits

Here's some friendly advice for auto service managers: Don't act surprised when a customer complains about transmission woes or other problems you know are endemic to the model.