Midas shops can set own prices

I complained to the first shop and was told: Even though we are under the same Midas name, we are free to charge whatever we want to our customers.

Suzuki's little giant

Suzuki is counting on its new SX4's tall, hip to be square styling and bargain-priced all-wheel drive to move the compact five-door ahead of rivals such as the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa.

Crash testing goes badly for smallest cars

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a testing and advocacy group funded by the U.S. auto insurance industry, said only one of eight small-car models it tested had performed well in three diffe

Deck the Rolls with bows to Hollywood

We think it's a great opportunity with the Beverly Hills Edition, and with Rolls-Royce in general, to get people into the dealerships and in a Rolls-Royce.

RV makers dying for boomers to get old

The 50 and older crowd is our prime market, RVIA president Richard Coon says. Over the next decade, that market is expected to double to 80 million from 40 million.

Second-Hand: Subaru Legacy

Regular Wheels readers may remember the saga of Walter Braeckow, who owned a broken Volkswagen Vanagon.