Winter tires from Sable won't be safe on Camry

More important, the old winter tires are almost an inch too small in diameter. If you put them on Camry rims, the handling of the car would suffer and the engine would run at higher revs to compensate

Worthy Sentra bulks up

When you pay more for something, you're logically more inclined to prefer it to less-expensive versions.

Vehicles in a class of their own

Automotive exclusivity is quite a thrill, and Fred Cini should know. Not only is his Foose '69 Camaro one of only 20 made, but he's pretty sure he has the only one in Canada.

Audi A5 coupe to debut at Geneva

Audi will pull the wraps off its much-awaited A5 coupe next week at the Geneva auto show . Production is scheduled to begin this summer.

Automatic or manual – father knew best

Greater control at lower speeds would have popped us over the grade in no time. I'm not sure which was louder that day: my father's cursing, or the tires spinning.

Snow proves downfall for BMW X5 owners

Sport utility vehicles have for some time been labelled public enemy No. 1, fingered for everything from global warming to declining oil reserves to male-pattern baldness.

Coming of age

Shiyouji Tokushima was out on a snowmobile. It's been at least 10 years since the chief engineer of Acura's Super Handling-All Wheel Drive system has been in Canada and he's feeling it a little bit at

Ron Fellows shifting toward suit and tie

The announcement earlier this week by GM's Corvette Racing that Ron Fellows would be moving into a new phase in his auto racing career was the culmination of a negotiation that started just about a ye

Vehicles from 1988 remain in Drive Clean

What is happening regarding emission testing? While I have no objection to having my car tested, as the owner of a 1986 Celica that has always passed with flying colours, I find the test to be a nuisa