The long way round the Rally

Boorman raced for five days before crashing in the Moroccan desert and fracturing his hand. One of his two teammates eventually completed the rally.

Win a Race To Dakar

Wheels has 10 copies of Charley Boorman's Race To Dakar adventure to give away, and all you have to do is tell us where to send the DVD (and a bit of math):

Who to watch in the desert

Robby Gordon of NASCAR and Indy Car fame has a team that could make the Dakar big news in the U.S. It will enter two race vehicles and has 19 crew members travelling in three support trucks.

Gurkhas don't belong in Wheels

Why does the Star figure we need any exposure whatsoever to an aggressive, ugly, expensive, impractical, dangerous, overpowered, oversized military vehicle?

Equal and opposite reactions

In her new book The Hummer and the Mini, the trend-watcher Robyn Waters argues that the trend in trends is that there isn't one.

Good year ahead for sales in Canada

I don't usually make predictions, but in the spirit of the season, I'd like to share some thoughts about where I see the retail car industry going.

Slower growth for 5 years

Auto executives worldwide expect slower North American sales growth and more parts supplier bankruptcies during the next five years, according to a survey taken by the auditing and consulting firm KPM

Driving the electric-powered rocket

All right, no beating around the high-voltage bush: What is the Tesla Roadster, the dead-sexy, six-figure, all-electric sports car prototype like to drive?

In winter, it's all about the tires

Advances like electronic traction control and all-wheel drive make it possible for many cars to get through winter on all-season tires, which provide good grip in a wide range of conditions.

Mercedes Cl-Class brings sexy back

The new CL-Class -- a poised and pampering grand touring coupe that unabashedly proves Mercedes still knows a thing or two about exclusive, six-figure luxury machines.

Three new diesel Mercedes'

Mercedes-Benz Canada recently announced three new diesel models: the E320 Bluetec, ML 320 CDI and R 320 CDI.

Mini's got game

As an innovative way to promote its soon-to-be retired first generation Mini Cooper, BMW recently ran a virtual outdoor advertising campaign in online video games.

From alloys to ibis

Audi recently installed a new, high-tech computer tomograph (CT) machine at its factory in Neckarsulm, Germany.

All aboard VeeDub's electric bus

Volkswagen's Electronics Research Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, recently crafted a truly cool way of displaying its cutting edge technology: They wrapped it all in a '60s Samba-Bus.

Edge with an Edge

Though Ford's new Edge crossover is still new to the streets, there are already hints of a more spirited model in the works.