Lots of news, just no food

It was an oft-repeated question at this year's Detroit auto show and not one we're typically used to hearing during media days.

Cars keep the price down

The Detroit event seemed more low-key than in previous years: not as much fanfare, and much more emphasis on affordable cars. It seems that both the automakers and the public are scaling back, at leas

There's still life in minivan market

General Motors will have you believe that the minivan market is fading fast, and that crossovers “ such as its new Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia “ will soon take their place.

Revised pads will cure noise

An independent garage found that indeed I needed rear pads, even though more than 75 per cent of the front pads remained.

Community helps a wish come true

Make-a-Wish contacted Gold Fleet Suzuki in North Bay in November for a little help with the request to refurbish a car that has logged more than 370,000 kilometres in its lifetime.

Ferraris can buy you love

The fuel economy is so low that most Ferrari dealers seldom bother mentioning it. But on a good day – one during which city streets and highways remain free of traffic – the 2006 Ferrari 599 GTB F

Car of Tomorrow bound to upset fans

The big auto racing stories of 2007 will involve the new cars in Champ Car and NASCAR, the arrival of Toyota in Nextel Cup and the success/failures of six drivers: Juan Pablo Montoya, Lewis Hamilton,

Best of 2 engine worlds

An automotive engineer's job is one of compromise. For every positive there is an offsetting negative. The challenge is to optimize the trade-off between the two.

`Utility' wins over `sport' in Nitro

It's built alongside the Liberty and shares some components, but the new model is not just a reskinned Jeep. The Nitro uses Liberty's 3.7-litre V6 engine, but it rides on a longer wheelbase.

Audi S6

Price: base/as tested $101,900/$105,600

Detroit auto show

Get a glimpse of the future in North American automobiles, from sleek innovations on old favourites to out-of-this world concept cars.

Dance of Death

The Stunt: Hip-hop fans have a new fad called ghost riding the whip.''