New motorcycles for 2007

There were some interesting new models unwrapped at various European motorcycle shows recently.

Second-Hand: Ford Taurus

Underscoring its newfound infatuation with aerodynamic styling, Ford unveiled the all-new 1986 Taurus on the MGM soundstage where Gone With the Wind was filmed.

Second-Hand: Toyota Prius

If Springfield Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby ever needs an instant image makeover, nothing beats being photographed climbing out of a Toyota Prius.

Second-Hand: Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

With light trucks capturing one-half of the market by the late 1990s, a bloodless coup was unfolding in the driveways of North America.

A taste test of Ford's future

During our visit to Ford's new Dearborn Development Center, World of Wheels had two all-too-brief, but all-very-interesting taste tests of some coming Blue Oval technology.

Size matters

Pirelli recently launched a major assault in the Battle of the Bling, unveiling the world's first 30-inch, ultra-high-performance tire for light trucks and SUVs.

A panoply of Porsche news

For a company that makes four models, Porsche sure keeps us busy with product news. First is the arrival of a new entry-level Cayman.

E-Class Across Asia

In what's described as an, exceptional acid test for the new generation of the E-Class, Mercedes will send 33 of its diesel-powered sedans on a 26-day journey from Paris to Beijing

Track happy SLK

Looking to counter new, track-ready offerings from Porsche and BMW, Mercedes-Benz recently introduced a lightweight, high-power version of its SLK, the eight-cylinder SLK 55 AMG.

Suzuki gets Nissan pickup

Suzuki will enter our pickup market in 2008 with a new, Nissan-built truck, as the two Japanese automakers expand their existing business partnership

Ford's Dearborn redo

Ford recently invested $43 million at its Dearborn Development Center in eastern Michigan, to help shorten product development times.