Second-Hand: Toyota Prius

If Springfield Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby ever needs an instant image makeover, nothing beats being photographed climbing out of a Toyota Prius.

Second-Hand: Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

With light trucks capturing one-half of the market by the late 1990s, a bloodless coup was unfolding in the driveways of North America.

A taste test of Ford's future

During our visit to Ford's new Dearborn Development Center, World of Wheels had two all-too-brief, but all-very-interesting taste tests of some coming Blue Oval technology.

Size matters

Pirelli recently launched a major assault in the Battle of the Bling, unveiling the world's first 30-inch, ultra-high-performance tire for light trucks and SUVs.

A panoply of Porsche news

For a company that makes four models, Porsche sure keeps us busy with product news. First is the arrival of a new "entry-level" Cayman.

E-Class Across Asia

In what's described as an, "exceptional acid test for the new generation of the E-Class," Mercedes will send 33 of its diesel-powered sedans on a 26-day journey from Paris to Beijing

Track happy SLK

Looking to counter new, track-ready offerings from Porsche and BMW, Mercedes-Benz recently introduced a lightweight, high-power version of its SLK, the eight-cylinder SLK 55 AMG.

Suzuki gets Nissan pickup

Suzuki will enter our pickup market in 2008 with a new, Nissan-built truck, as the two Japanese automakers expand their existing business partnership

Ford's Dearborn redo

Ford recently invested $43 million at its Dearborn Development Center in eastern Michigan, to help shorten product development times.

Hyundai now sixth largest

Hyundai Automotive Group was recently named as the sixth largest automotive manufacturer in the world in 2005.

Saab 9-3 Convertible 20th Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe it's been two decades since Saab first launched its flagship convertible model. To commemorate the milestone, the GM-owned Swedish brand has launched a 20th anniversary edition of

Ford Escape Hybrid

In a touch of serendipity, a notable wave of hybrids recently moved through our offices, including our new long-term Toyota Highlander, a Honda Civic Hybrid and -- our subject here -- the Ford Escape

Steve's Monster Bash

Steve Plunkett thought he might invite a few people over to the house. Being a car guy, he naturally would ask his guests to bring around their hobby cars, you know, the cool stuff with the shiny chro

Careful Camaro

In a game of catch-up, last January at the North American International Auto Show, both Chevy and Dodge released pony car concepts they may produce to combat Mustang. Five months later we get word tha

Smart Fortwo Cabrio

The wonderful thing about the smart is it does all this while putting a smile on my face. The Fortwo is fun to drive, and even though it has a tendency to understeer due to the weight being mostly out