Dealer cheaped out on Saab

Q I recently purchased a 2004 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible. The dealer agreed to replace the front tires, which were badly worn. I expected they would put on the same tires as the rear tires, which are o

Sienna tires poor in winter

Q I purchased a 2006 Toyota Sienna last February. I found that the OEM Dunlops (P215/65R16 SP 4000 A/S) that came with the van have poor traction in winter and average traction in wet conditions. They

Exceptions to the rule

Bill and Sue Little write about the Dodge Caliber and small bubbles that point towards what they believe is an indicator of poor quality for the vehicle (OPN 4UM, August '06). In comparison, it is men

Victorious 'Vette

Record-breaking heat gave way to a history-making performance recently when Corvette Racing notched its 50th international road racing victory in Portland, Oregon.

Super SLR

If the 617 horsepower run-of-the-mill Mercedes-Benz SLR supercoupe, hand-built by McLaren, doesn't measure up to your idea of the ultimate in performance and luxury, how about moving up to the '722 Ed

VW resurrects Scirocco

<p>VW will bring back the Scirocco in 2009. Expect prices to start at around $28,000 for a base 4-cylinder model, while the range-topping version could feature a 3.6-litre, 280 hp V6 with all-wh

Visions of F1 for VW?

According to those in the know within the Grand Prix Manufacturers Association (GPMA), the Volkswagen Group has been in talks with Cosworth (which supplies V10 power for the Williams and Toro Rosso te

F1 Honda hits 400

Bonneville's famous salt flats isn't where you'd expect to find a F1 Honda hard on the gas.

Hot Hatch

Volvo took the wraps off its little C30 hatchback, one of the year's most talked about new cars, at the recent Paris Motor Show.

OnStar calling

all Bell Mobility customers will be able to call-forward their cell phones or PDAs to their OnStar-equipped vehicle and enjoy hands-free operation.

Toyota takes on Williams

It's been an open secret for some time that Toyota and the Williams F1 team were on the cusp of an engine supply agreement. Now it's official.

Worst case, best case

Personal mobility or the wherewithal to travel when and where we want, something that most people today take for granted, will go one of two ways within the next 50 years, predicts a report from a Bri

Slow and steady reduces accidents

Graduated driver licensing is proving to reduce fatal crashes, according to recent reports by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).