2000 Honda Prelude SH

In first, third and fifth gear, the button to switch off the radio in the Honda Prelude SH is a finger stretch away from the gear lever.

Second-Hand: Subaru Legacy

Subaru, long considered a source of cult cars in the same vein as VW and Porsche (coincidentally, also builders of horizontally opposed four and six-cylinder engines)

Magicwagons turn 15 with grace and style

Fifteen years. It's been fifteen years since Chrysler introduced the first magic-wagon. Today, almost every major automaker has a small van in its fleet and there are 11 brands of mini sold in Canada.

Second-Hand: Chevrolet Cavalier

In 1976, General Motors began planning a car that would drive the imports back into the sea. Five years and $5 billion later, it unveiled the Chevrolet Cavalier

Second-Hand: Mazda 626

There's the Mazda 626, a competitive front-wheel drive model that enjoys a long history in North America and in Europe, where it was the best-selling import in Germany for a time.

Second-Hand: Ford Windstar

Welcome to Second-hand, a monthly column on used cars and trucks. Mark Toljagic has been a Wheels contributor since December, 1997.

Previewing new vehicles

So here I am at my first press launch after a year and a half of writing about cars, and I have to admit I'm overwhelmed.

Family planning in a minivan

In a land where ice arenas, lawnmowers and 2.5 kids dominate the suburban landscape, minivans are the vehicles of choice.

Second-Hand: Nissan Altima

After trying so hard to make inroads into the family sedan market for several years, Nissan finally succeeded with the Tennessee-built Altima in 1993.

Second-Hand: Saturn

You can guess that Saturns aren't unique in withstanding 500,000 km without falling apart, but it's great to see the manufacturer taking an interest in the long-term ownership experience.

Second-Hand: Honda Accord

It would be very easy to say look no further to anyone in the market for a used midsize car. After all, Accords are very reliable, they are fun to drive, and they manage family hauling with a minimum