Second-Hand: Chev Astro and GMC Safari

The Chevrolet Astro and mechanically identical GMC Safari appealed to those buyers who hankered for a smaller truck, but one tough enough to take some abuse.

2002 Honda Civic EX Sedan.

Second-hand: Honda Civic

Funny. It was a lawnmower maker - and not a diversified aerospace company - that showed the world how to build a good small car.

Second-hand: Volvo 850

Unveiled in late 1992, the Volvo 850 was the company's first front-wheel-drive offering in North America

Second-Hand: Eagle Talon

The Talon and its twin, the Plymouth Laser, were born out of a mutual need for a contemporary sporty coupe by the two corporations.

Second-Hand: Buick Century

To say the Buick Century is synonymous with lawn bowling and arguing for the seniors' discount at the deli is an understatement. But don't be quick to write off what is actually a pretty reliable Nort

Second-Hand: Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager

One dusty afternoon in the far future, archeologists will unearth a 1984 Dodge Caravan -- complete with polystyrene Big Mac containers under the seats and a Barney tape in the cassette player -- and r

Second-hand: Our $12,000-tops budget 

More and more, consumers are embracing status automobiles as their galvanized-steel calling cards, eschewing designer clothes, jewelry and most other trappings of wealth.

Ford Focus ZX3

Ford is on to something. An aftermarket-modified Focus ZX3 hatchback I drove last week made me feel like an Agincourt teenager or his dad.

2000 Honda Prelude SH

In first, third and fifth gear, the button to switch off the radio in the Honda Prelude SH is a finger stretch away from the gear lever.

Second-Hand: Subaru Legacy

Subaru, long considered a source of cult cars in the same vein as VW and Porsche (coincidentally, also builders of horizontally opposed four and six-cylinder engines)

Magicwagons turn 15 with grace and style

Fifteen years. It's been fifteen years since Chrysler introduced the first magic-wagon. Today, almost every major automaker has a small van in its fleet and there are 11 brands of mini sold in Canada.

Second-Hand: Chevrolet Cavalier

In 1976, General Motors began planning a car that would drive the imports back into the sea. Five years and $5 billion later, it unveiled the Chevrolet Cavalier

Second-Hand: Mazda 626

There's the Mazda 626, a competitive front-wheel drive model that enjoys a long history in North America and in Europe, where it was the best-selling import in Germany for a time.

Second-Hand: Ford Windstar

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