Steve's Monster Bash

Steve Plunkett thought he might invite a few people over to the house. Being a car guy, he naturally would ask his guests to bring around their hobby cars, you know, the cool stuff with the shiny chro

Careful Camaro

In a game of catch-up, last January at the North American International Auto Show, both Chevy and Dodge released pony car concepts they may produce to combat Mustang. Five months later we get word tha

Smart Fortwo Cabrio

The wonderful thing about the smart is it does all this while putting a smile on my face. The Fortwo is fun to drive, and even though it has a tendency to understeer due to the weight being mostly out

Subaru Legacy

The Legacy recipe is simple: take Subaru's reliable Boxer engine; add to it the company's famous all-wheel drive system and mate these with a rally-inspired independent suspension. Shake well. Add oil

O-104? It's My Drug!

And yes, I'd certainly use 104 octane fuel as my favorite eau de toilette, if only the feminine side of the human species wasn't so repulsed by it.

Top used convertibles

As any grade-school graduate can tell you, summer encompasses the days stretching from summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.

Funky Hornet points way for DCX

The Dodge Challenger coupe and Chrysler Imperial sedan have been the big attention-getters among the Chrysler Group's 2006 concept cars.

BMW unveils the New(er) Mini

When BMW launched the new'' Mini in 2002, there were a bunch of tough questions it didn't really know the answers to:

Second-Hand: Kia Sedona

We're all prisoners of gravity, or more accurately, mass. And perhaps nobody knows that better than a Kia Sedona driver.

Second-Hand: GMC Envoy

GMC's tagline smacks of disingenuous, smarty-pants marketing that suggests top quality, but doesn't really mean anything.

Big Benz CL-Class bows in fall

When the new, seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz CL-Class coupe makes its debut this fall, it will be the continuation of a tradition that dates back more than 50 years.

Second-Hand: VW Golf

Volkswagen has gotten good mileage out of its German-engineered advertising boast, but judging by the volume of complaints about its products on the World Wide Web (no kidding, we found unhappy owners

Chrysler rolls out new-gen Sebring

Chrysler this week broke with the tradition of introducing new products at auto shows by revealing its next-generation 2007 Sebring via a webcast.

Second-Hand: Nissan Quest

The future does not belong to designers creating products that do not displease the customer, Renault stylist Patrick le Quement told magazine Fast Company in 2004.