A huge hydrogen hauler

Say what you want about the styling and shear girth of the locomotive-inspired Ford F-250 Super Chief concept from Detroit -- it's what's under the hood that counts.

Design Trends

Is the origin of life on this planet a function of intelligent design or creationism? We'll let the scientific and theological communities sort that one out.

Second-Hand: Mazda Miata

It's not a very exclusive club, but membership in the Mazda Miata owners' circle does have its privileges.

Due north in a 2007 RAV4

I'd driven the 2006 RAV without incident all the way from Toronto, finally hitting very cold weather on the Alaska Highway just south of Fort Nelson, and crossed into the Yukon at Watson Lake.

G6 coupe/convertible revs up

General Motors of Canada has announced attractive pricing for the new 2006 Pontiac G6 retractable-hardtop/convertible, which will arrive at dealers this spring.

Camaro comeback?

Speaking to the Automotive Press Association in Detroit recently, GM's product maven Bob Lutz hinted at a surprise

Ford unwraps new V6, six-speed automatic

Next yea's new Ford Edge and Lincoln Aviator (pictured below) crossover SUVs will be the first production applications for a new V6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission that Ford recently unvei

Jaguar XKR victory

With the imminent arrival of the new-generation XK, Jaguar has released a last special edition of its current XK. This 2006 Jaguar XK Victory edition was created to celebrate Jaguar's four championshi

Connery's Bond car goes on the block

One of the most famous Bond cars -- the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (chassis number DB5/2008/R), which starred alongside Sean Connery in Thunderball and Goldfinger, will be offered for sale for the first ti

Mustang may spawn new Mark VIII

Rumour out of Dearborn is that Ford is considering building a new coupe for Lincoln, based on the rear-wheel-drive DEW Mustang platform.

Suzuki PX

The Suzuki PX concept is a bold statement. It is immediately reminiscent of the ageless, classic Airstream trailer.

Kitty was a real gas

Dr. Koch, he who cooks up 2.5 litres of diesel from an adult cat seems to have cooked up a contravention of a fundamental rule of physics

Holden's Handsome Hotrod

Leave it to the folks who provided the underpinnings for the new Pontiac GTO to design something like this.

Tom Stackhouse, 73: Auto collector

Tom Stackhouse passed away on Nov 4, 2005, at the age of 73. He spent his life collecting stuff -- two whole barns full of it. A big chunk of his collection was automotive related.

Red Head Returns

A British auto magazine reported recently that Ferrari is planning to bring back the legendary Testarossa name.

Lexus RX400H

With gas prices pushing north of a buck and a quarter, we happily relieved Lexus Canada of a new RX400h gas/electric SUV for a few days recently.

Happy Throttle Day!

We need a new national holiday. The traditional ones are great, but we haven't added much to the line-up since Christ was a child.