Important to find root cause of code

Q The service engine light of my 1999 Chevrolet Lumina (3.1-litre V6; 132,000 km) came on for a couple of days, then disappeared for about a month.

It's time to face facts on pollution

The only way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere is to reduce the burning of carbon that was taken out of it by plants millions of years ago (not the carbon in the cord of wood from 50 years ago).

Hot Silverado may be built

Among the customized trucks that the auto giant displayed at this week's annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is the Chevrolet Silverado 427 concept truck, packing a 427-cubic-inch V8.

True classic or a Cougar in disguise?

Neoclassics are cars with bodywork that evokes luxurious, timeless designs of the 1920s and '30s, but with chassis and powertrains lifted from more commonplace donors.

Toronto the ill

Toronto is dying; suffering a slow, sickly demise. Try traveling its highways or getting around on its public transit and the symptoms become obvious the MegaCity is crumbling under its own weight, it

Kia courts VW/Audi design all-star

Peter Schreyer, former chief designer for Audi and VW — responsible for such notable designs as the first Audi TT, the R8 Le Mans car, both current Lamborghinis and the Concept 1 which lead to the N

No 2007 Cayenne

Porsche will reportedly skip the 2007 model year of its Cayenne SUV to combat slowing sales and in anticipation of the truck's 2008 mid-cycle update.

Another tantalizing Targa

It was another excellent year of racing on the Rock, with the 2006 Targa Newfoundland wrapping up recently.

Canada a muscle car Mecca?

As an added bonus, Canada looks to become a Mecca for these new muscle cars. GM recently announced that Camaro will be built in Oshawa, Ont.

Noted Landie designer retires

Land Rover announced recently that its design director, Geoff Upex, is retiring at the end of 2006, after 23 years with the company.

France's "designer" garage

To commemorate its new executive sedan, the C6, French car giant, Citroen, recently commissioned the design of a wild £112,330 ($160,000 Cdn.) garage for the car