Wartime auto history preserved in Oshawa

Tacked to the wall above the equipment in the back of the World War II-vintage radio truck is that traditional icon of a soldier's personal space: an 8-by-10 pin-up photo of a glamorous Hollywood film

Missed servicing led to brake work, Honda says

Q My 2003 Honda Civic LX (73,800 km) was serviced at Midland Honda. The right rear brake drum had cracked and partially separated, and both rear drums needed replacement. The car was just 19 months ol

Crash data on sticker

U.S. car buyers are getting a new tool when shopping: government crash test data right on the window sticker.

Second-Hand: Infiniti G35s

As an indication of just how close to flawless the Infiniti G35 is, reader John Hydon wrote to complain about the location of the stitching on his steering wheel.

Important to find root cause of code

Q The service engine light of my 1999 Chevrolet Lumina (3.1-litre V6; 132,000 km) came on for a couple of days, then disappeared for about a month.

It's time to face facts on pollution

The only way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere is to reduce the burning of carbon that was taken out of it by plants millions of years ago (not the carbon in the cord of wood from 50 years ago).

Hot Silverado may be built

Among the customized trucks that the auto giant displayed at this week's annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is the Chevrolet Silverado 427 concept truck, packing a 427-cubic-inch V8.

True classic or a Cougar in disguise?

Neoclassics are cars with bodywork that evokes luxurious, timeless designs of the 1920s and '30s, but with chassis and powertrains lifted from more commonplace donors.