Some get a little too attached to cars

Cheryl Hoffer leaves the world behind when she climbs into Breezy – her Volkswagen GTI – and drives the 50 km of winding roads through California's Santa Cruz mountains to visit her daughter.

Be prepared before accident

When a recent snowstorm hit southern Ontario, it wreaked havoc on our roads. Nearly 700 accidents were reported across the province, leaving drivers scrambling to find repair shops.

Welcome to Canada

As the country's first major auto show of the year, le Salon international de l'auto de Montral/Montreal International Auto Show unveils an array of cars and trucks making their official Canadian prem

Concept close to next Accord

Almost lost in the turmoil of the Detroit auto show's many unveilings was one with more real significance than many of those that drew more attention – the Honda Accord Coupe Concept.

Damaged car still 'not branded'

Staffers said the car had been in an accident and had received damage to the left rear quarter panel.But it hadn't been hit anywhere else, I was assured. As proof, they showed me an ownership that sai

Biker crosses icy Canada

Travelling across Canada is an amazing experience, even more so when the journey is done by motorcycle - in the middle of winter.

Good driving begins early

From the first time we strap our toddlers into the child seat, they begin to watch and learn from us while we drive.

Detroit admires how Apple hits bull's eyes

It's a long way from Henry Ford's gritty factory complex on the banks of the Rouge to the light-filled atrium of Apple Inc.'s corporate headquarters in sunny Silicon Valley.

Second Hand: Nissan Murano

Never even considered purchasing an SUV, reads a confession on the Internet. Went to buy the (Nissan) 350Z and left with the Murano.

Movies need to belt up

The movies have long been criticized for corrupting our children's morals and encouraging all sorts of bad behaviour. There's even a current petition to ban the depiction of smoking in movies.