Safe in the city

Volvo recently announced a new safety technology, dubbed City Safety, designed to help drivers avoid or minimize the effects of low-speed collisions.

Maybach muscles up

Mercedes-Benz's uber-luxury brand Maybach has announced a fourth variant for its model lineup:

Pump watch

CAA-Quebec's Gasoline Watch tool, a first in Canada, is available online free of charge at

Zamboni drivers put on ice

Two Boise, Idaho, city employees were fired after making a late-night trip to a fast food outlet in a pair of Zambonis

Design icon dies

Albrecht Goertz, the man who designed BMW's elegant 507 sports car in the mid-1950s, passed away recently at the age of 92

Lexus goes 'F'ast

Lexus is getting into the performance game with the launch of an F (as in fast) version of its IS sedan called the IS-F.

Make it personal

Instead of the model designation, you can have a customized text in the same font as the car's original badging placed on your Porsche.

Bog Soggy Issue

First, I received my October Carguide issue in early November.

Pros, Cons

I am a longtime subscriber and enjoy every issue. On several occasions I've thought it would be nice to have a good reference publication that describes all of the current components (electrical, mech


If I may make some suggestions I think it would be very much improved to include crash test ratings and reliability summaries.

Tips for towing

With a little practice you'll find that it's easy to tow a trailer with your properly equipped GM vehicle.

Towing options that matter

Having the right tow vehicle goes beyond basics like engines and transmissions. It includes the options that give your vehicle the ability to do highly specific jobs. That's why the options you select

Pick the right tow vehicle

Your truck or SUV will need to have the power to pull the load and the strength to stop it, while still delivering predictable handling and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Some get a little too attached to cars

Cheryl Hoffer leaves the world behind when she climbs into Breezy – her Volkswagen GTI – and drives the 50 km of winding roads through California's Santa Cruz mountains to visit her daughter.

Be prepared before accident

When a recent snowstorm hit southern Ontario, it wreaked havoc on our roads. Nearly 700 accidents were reported across the province, leaving drivers scrambling to find repair shops.