Deck the Rolls with bows to Hollywood

We think it's a great opportunity with the Beverly Hills Edition, and with Rolls-Royce in general, to get people into the dealerships and in a Rolls-Royce.

RV makers dying for boomers to get old

The 50 and older crowd is our prime market, RVIA president Richard Coon says. Over the next decade, that market is expected to double to 80 million from 40 million.

Second-Hand: Subaru Legacy

Regular Wheels readers may remember the saga of Walter Braeckow, who owned a broken Volkswagen Vanagon.

Toyota FJ is for posers?

My opinion is that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is limited in what it can do off road for a couple of reasons.

Lancer bows in Motown

Mitsubishi began leaking cues to the look of its all-new 2008 Lancer back in 2005, with the Concept X.

Easy steps to buying a new car

Sometimes these first-time buyers are extremely well-prepared. They've done their homework, established a budget and are ready to speak to a salesperson about a specific vehicle.

`Art car' buffs drive own road

Emily Duffy's Honda Odyssey is festooned with 250 bras glued into the shape of a giant bra atop the minivan's bright pink hood.