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Original TV Batmobile going up for auction

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Pow! Biff! The fight scenes in the original Batman television series were great fun, but this junior gearhead couldn’t wait for the Batmobile to come to life. That car, created by hot rodding legend George Barris, was the absolute highlight of the show for me. Even today, I compare every new movie bat-car to that original. They are all cool, but nothing beats the original.

What started life as a Lincoln Futura concept car morphed into the Batmobile in 1966 at the hands of Barris. There were three others built, two for shows and one for drag racing exhibitions, but this was the original car used in the show. Barris bought that original Futura from Ford for just $1 and has owned it ever since. There are lots of reproductions out there, but only one original and it is being auctioned by Barrett-Jackson on Jan. 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Just in case you are too young to have seen it, I tracked down this compilation of the original Batmobile in action.

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  • Original TV Batmobile going up for auction

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