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Ontario’s First Cadillac-Exclusive Dealership Opens in Woodbridge

Unique features of the dealership include two Cadillac ‘delivery pods’

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy July 29, 2019

On a quest to cement itself as a ‘Standard of the World’, GM’s luxury brand is ratcheting up the quality of its interior materials and adding new products in key segments to their lineup. One key piece of the puzzle in attempting to steal sales from its snazzy rivals? A great dealer experience, one in which Cadillac customers don’t need to rub elbows with the plebes who are signing a 84 month high-interest note on a base model Chevrolet Cruze.

Enter the brand’s new stand-alone stores, ones which are devoted to Cadillac’s brand of luxury customer service. Woodbridge is now home to Ontario’s first Cadillac-exclusive dealership, under an already familiar banner within the local community. Monday marked the grand opening of the new Roy Foss Cadillac Woodbridge facility located at 2 Auto Park Circle. The new building has a dramatic crease along its facade, not unlike that of the Dolce & Gabbana store front on the Las Vegas strip. Surely this is an association with which Cadillac will be happy.

“At Cadillac, we are building an arsenal of products and technologies that will differentiate the brand and take us to the next level in the marketplace,” said Travis Hester, president and managing director, GM Canada. “Roy Foss Cadillac Woodbridge’s new facility is designed to offer a luxury ownership journey that will exceed customer expectations.”

Unique features of the dealership include two Cadillac ‘delivery pods’ – items which sound like alien abduction areas but are actually spots where owners complete what the brand is calling a “purchasing journey”. In practice, your author can understand their importance – delivering a new car now often takes upwards of an hour if an alert salesperson takes care to explain all the newfangled safety and infotainment equipment. With the likes of Super Cruise and Night Vision offered as options, taking possession of a new Cadillac should – nay, must – involve much more than a salesman in a rumpled suit and egg on his tie tossing a set of keys to bewildered new owners.

Four vehicles will be on display in the showroom, with an additional six vehicles on exterior display. The facility is also LEED certified and features three electric vehicle charging stations, as Cadillac prepares to deliver on an all-electric future. There will also be four Cadillac-dedicated service bays.

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