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Nurburgring-Inspired M3 Gets Even More 'Ring-Inspired Modifications

This E30 M3 is dubbed the DTM Edition

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams June 10, 2019
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BMW’s first M3 was designed to take the 3 series and transform it into a touring car monster. It just happened that in order to get the car into the DTM they had to make some road versions too. But those road cars never really took all of the aggressive looks of their touring car siblings. Which is why it’s so great when an owner decides that they want to turn their road car into a replica racer. This is the E30 M3 dubbed the DTM Edition.

Take a look at the retina-searing yellow paint, and it’s pretty easy to miss what’s been done to the rest of the car. But just like that yellow paint, where a closer look reveals a greenish clear coat and gold flake in a wonderfully deep finish, there’s more here than you’ll notice at first glance.

The 1990 BMW M3 was transformed by a father-daughter team. They spent three years on the project, rebuilding the car to honour the racers at the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring.

With a list of modifications as long as the list of parts on the car, it’s a surprise that the effort didn’t take them longer. Here’s a highlight of what was done to the car and its 195 hp four-cylinder engine.

On the outside, the wing from a Sport EVO edition M3 was fitted. That’s the 600-only run of cars built to help keep the car competitive on the track. Then a carbon spoiler was fitted to the wing. Up front, there’s a new spoiler with carbon fibre splitter. Carbon mirrors in the DTM style have been fitted along with a conversion to a single wiper blade. The multi-piece BBS wheels were painted to match the car, though we’re not sure if they got the same six layers of clear as the bodywork.

BMW M3 DTM Edition BMW M3 DTM Edition

The interior’s been highly modified too. Starting with that roll cage, but it’s gone further. And we don’t mean the carbon fibre trim that covers the dashboard. The M3 has been fitted with Recaro FIA-spec racing seats, there’s a new steering wheel, and six-point harnesses.

This is more than just cosmetic. A KW Variant 2 coil over suspension has been fitted, along with revised engine software, a carbon intake, new exhaust manifold, and full replacement exhaust. Plus revised camshafts meaning that this engine is likely making much more power than when it left the factory.

The car’s been featured in magazines and is TUV registered. That German road-legal status means a lot more, especially on a modified car, than the $25 MVI you get in most provinces here.

If you want this stunning M3, it’ll cost you. The seller is asking CAD $101,000. Before tax. Though if you’ve looked at the market for standard M3s lately, they might not be far off the Deutschmark.