Nissan reveals fan-sourced Project 370Z

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Thanks to Facebookers, Nissan has revealed its new Z, reports.

Last April, Nissan announced its intention to build its first crowd-sourced 370Z track car, the website said. Appropriately called Project 370Z, the idea was to engage the Japanese automaker’s Facebook fans and ask for their input as to what they see as the ideal 370Z. Nissan has released a few videos during the build process, but has just taken the veil off the finished product now.

Nissan has also listed some of the components it put into the project car, from the Metalloy silver vinyl wrap to the 19-inch forged alloys, along with the new steering wheel, AEM gauges, custom Recaro racing seats and new shift knob all distinguishing the interior.

For a closer look at the new Z, watch the video below:

  • Nissan reveals fan-sourced Project 370Z

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