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Nicolas Cage's Chinese car ad
is so bad it's great

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Nicolas Cage has taken the wheel for yet another car-themed film exploit, and this one is getting  a lot of attention from car buffs. For all the wrong reasons.

Cage, who has carved an auto-niche for himself with movies like Gone in Sixty Seconds and a long-form YouTube video called Drive Angry, has inexplicably made a Chinese commercial for the Chinese-made, Saab-based Senova D  Series.

The ad features plenty of tire-squealing, physics-defying stunts and a surprise ending, not to mention Cage’s fantastic range of facial expressions running the gamut from scowl to grimace.

It’s pure theatre and certainly no more incredible than The Fast and The Furious, but for some reason car buffs are getting their knickers in a twist about this one.

The Smoking Tire takes several swipes at Cage and at the ad, noting: “Apparently,  Saab overseas got a lot of features we didn’t. The one Nic drives can pop up onto two wheels just by downshifting. American cars require a ramp for the same manoeuver …”

It then goes on to itemize the ad’s cliches and gaffes  in detail, from “drifting” to “unrealistic shifting.”

Does the ad deserve the bashing? Or is it so campy it’s clever? You can watch the ad and judge for yourself, but one thing is certain: it’s getting attention. In advertising, that’s almost never a bad thing.

  • Nicolas Cage's Chinese car ad <br>is so bad it's great

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