New Nissan Leaf Keeps it Simple

The next generation Nissan Leaf has refined aerodynamics to increase efficiency.

  • New Nissan Leaf

The new Nissan Leaf will feature an improved aerodynamic design that makes it even more efficient, allowing drivers to travel farther on a single charge.

Aerodynamics is key to how efficiently an electric car moves. Less drag and better stability enable the vehicle to drive longer distances before having to recharge.

The redesigned next-generation Nissan Leaf is lower to the ground, helping it realize zero lift for better stability at high speeds.

Other new design features significantly stabilize the car when hit by strong crosswinds.

Inspired by airplane wings, Nissan engineers recreated the ideal shape for the new LEAF, enabling a symmetric airflow that helps it slice through the air for a smoother, more efficient journey.

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Nissan established itself as a pioneer in the EV movement by launching the Leaf, the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle*.

Today, the Nissan Leaf is claimed to be the world’s best-selling electric vehicle with more than 277,000 units sold.

New Nissan Leaf

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