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New doc tracks Batmobile history

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A new documentary on the history of the Batmobile is slated for release this year, Autoblog reports.

The film will feature interviews with notable Batman movie directors including Chris Nolan, Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton, as well as actors Christian Bale from “The Dark Knight Rises” and Adam West from the 1960s Batman series.

The documentary delves into every aspect of the Batmobile’s evolution from the early comics to the animated series and everything in between, Autoblog reports. The documentary also features in-movie footage and interviews with stunt drivers and creators such as George Barris.

Visitors to this year’s Comic-Con were treated to a special preview of the film, though the film ought to be available on digital download and Blu-Ray by the holiday season. In the meantime, watch the trailer below.

  • New doc tracks Batmobile history
  • New doc tracks Batmobile history

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