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NASCAR's Clint Bowyer preps to race with Prius

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Who says a Prius can’t be a fun car?

Autoblog reports four race teams – two from NASCAR and two from the NHRA – have been given stock Toyota models to customize, and Charlotte-based RKM Performance Center is going to do the honours with a Prius hybrid.

RKM and NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer are developing the “Tekked-Out Prius.” The interior will get black leather and suede. The exterior will get a new grille, new graphics and more.

RKM and Bowyer are competing against NASCAR racer Kyle Busch (who is modifying a Camry) and NHRA drivers Anton Brown (Sequoia) and Alexis DeJoria (Tundra) for the contest-winning rights to get $50,000 from Toyota donated to the charity of their choice. The winner will be unveiled on the 30th at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Watch the video below:

  • NASCAR's Clint Bowyer preps to race with Prius

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