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NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks car salesman in test drive

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An unsuspecting car salesman thought he was just taking a potential, mousey-looking customer for a test drive of a Camaro.

Little did he know it was NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon in disguise and that he was going to be a victim of an elaborate hoax.

Gordon takes the salesman on a harrowing test drive, at ridiculous speeds that almost included an accident with another car. The salesman looked like he was about to have a heart attack, screaming and cursing at Gordon all the way through, while hanging on for dear life.

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The prank was featured in a Pepsi Max commercial, released Tuesday. It has sparked a debate whether the whole thing was a setup and that the salesman was in on it but there’s no arguing whether it’s funny.

Pepsi also did the hugely popular Uncle Drew commercials with Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, disguised as an old man, and taking on incredulous players in a pickup game at a local basketball court.

  • NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks car salesman in test drive

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