• Tony Laframboise Retires

Mitsubishi Announces Retirement of Canadian President and CEO Tony Laframboise

Laframboise’s replacement has yet to be named.

Lee Bailie By: Lee Bailie March 11, 2019

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. has confimed that Tony Laframboise, president and CEO will retire on March 31. Laframboise has had a long and distinguished career in the automotive industry spanning 44 years with stops at several auto manufacturers and retailers including Nissan Canada where he began his career in 1975.

Laframboise was one of the first employees at Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada when it launched in 2002, and played a critical role in its growth leading to his appointment as president and CEO in 2017 after serving as vice president of sales and marketing.

During his tenure as president and CEO, Mitsubishi began an aggressive growth plan and brand transformation in Canada to reposition itself as an SUV company focused on bringing new technology and innovation to market. Under Laframboise’s leadership the company effectively doubled its SUV offerings, including the launch the Outlander PHEV which became the first plug-in hybrid to sell more than 5,000 units in a calendar year. Under his watch Mitsubishi also achieved two consecutive record sales years.

Tony Laframboise Retires

“I’m proud of the accomplishments of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada over the past 17 years particularly in the past two years where we have begun to reinvent the brand,” Laframboise said in a statement. “It is rare in a career to be part of the launch of a company, and then to lead it to its next evolution is nothing short of amazing. It has been a long and rewarding career for me and I look forward to the next chapter.”

Laframboise’s replacement has yet to be named.