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Metroland Media and Launch TrackWorthy

TrackWorthy focuses on content related to cars currently in production that are worthy of driving on race tracks.

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TORONTO, July 14, 2017 – Metroland Media and have launched TrackWorthy, a new sportscar enthusiast brand within, one of Canada’s most popular automotive websites.

As the name suggests, TrackWorthy focuses on content related to cars currently in production that are worthy of driving on race tracks. There are more than one-hundred such models currently available from more than thirty-five manufacturers; they range from the attainable, including Subaru’s, Ford’s, Chevrolet’s and Volkswagen’s, to the ultra-aspirational supercars and hypercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Bugatti.

TrackWorthy will offer its readers the latest industry and model news and reviews, and it will also deliver content in more raw and experiential forms that automotive enthusiasts crave, such as road trips, celebrity drivers, track days, racing car drivers and sportscar racing series, comparison tests and videos highlighting and discussing specific model options.

TrackWorthy creates its own content in-house and through partnerships with a growing stable of YouTube automotive journalists, many of whom create videos about the sports cars that they own and love. Additionally, TrackWorthy curates and publishes the most relevant manufacturer-sourced content.

Aston Martin Valkyrieaston martin

“It’s very exciting to be partnering with people that are as passionate about performance cars and cars in general as I am,” said Kunal D’souza, Content Strategist at “The quality content that Trackworthy can bring to Metroland Media and is invaluable and will only help solidify our presence in the automotive sector”

“TrackWorthy is a passion project for all of us and we are so glad to be able to bring this to such a big automotive enthusiast audience with Metroland Media and,” said Michael Taylor, Co-Founder and Co-President of TrackWorthy Group Ltd, the parent company of “Not only will we be providing our readers with a constant stream of sports car, motorsports and automotive performance and enthusiast content, but we are happy to also feature content created by our readers and influencers and provide them with a platform for their content which can be shared with fellow enthusiasts.”

“Ferry Porsche built his iconic sportscar brand because he couldn’t find the car of his dreams among available options,” said Sam Reitman, Co-Founder and Co-President of TrackWorthy Group Ltd. “In many ways, Michael and I founded TrackWorthy out of similar motivations — there just wasn’t an online destination with the pure sportscar focus that satisfied our enthusiast cravings. We’re very excited to introduce such a place: a one-stop destination where fellow enthusiasts can learn about and experience their favorite sports cars in a variety of high quality and exciting forms.” 

Visit the TrackWorthy Homepage

Here is a preview of some amazing TrackWorthy content:

About TrackWorthy is TrackWorthy Group Ltd.’s premiere automotive enthusiast brand, focusing on current model sports and performance cars that are “track worthy.” TrackWorthy Group Ltd.’s management and editorial staff have written for numerous US and Canadian print and online publications, and they have produced content for leading digital and broadcast television channels. TrackWorthy Group Ltd. is privately held. It has offices in Toronto and staff located internationally.

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