Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept Unveiled 

It’s actually less a car and more an awesome box on wheels

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Nov 3, 2015 2 min. read

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Mercedes-Benz unveils its Vision Tokyo concept, a self-driving lounge the company is calling  "homage" to Generation Z, at the Tokyo Motor Show Wednesday.

As the name implies, Mercedes Vision Tokyo is designed for jam-packed megacities like Tokyo. Mercedes envisions the car to be "a chill-out zone in the midst of megacity traffic mayhem," with an interior that looks like a limo.

This future-mobile will be able to host 5 passengers who will sit in a U-shaped cabin that houses floor to ceiling hologram-centric touch technology. You can recreate your favourite scenes from Minority Report while enjoying everything the car has to cover. It’s actually less a car and more an awesome box on wheels (which is a kin to a Ferrari). Need some privacy? Use the Alubeam windows, which let light into the cabin but also prevent outsiders from looking in. While you could drive the car yourself, why bother sitting in traffic while you could simply kick back and relax.

Mercedes positioned the seating this way because it found that members of Generation Z value personal contact even though they are heavy social media users. The seats themselves look futuristic, thanks to LED backlights shining through the perforated leather.

Mercedes is imagining the Vision Tokyo not as a tool for getting around, but rather a "digital, automobile companion." And eventually Generation Z will be more concerned in staying connected and 'sharing' than driving. That said, they still have places to go.

The Vision Tokyo is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which generates electricity alongside a battery, combining for 609 miles of range.

While self-driving cars are many years away, Mercedes is already imagining the role of a luxury car maker in that world. So start saving up right now and in 20 years or so you just might, but probably won’t, be able to afford it.

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