Mercedes me Charge will offer access to more than 7,000 Canadian charge points

The automaker is partnering with ChargePoint and creating the Mercedes me Charge system.

By Evan Williams

Jul 28, 2021 2 min. read

Article was updated 10 months ago

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Mercedes-Benz has just announced new charging infrastructure plans for Canadian buyers and drivers of its upcoming Mercedes-EQ models. The automaker is partnering with ChargePoint and creating the Mercedes me Charge system. There will be new home charging options as well.

At launch, the new Mercedes me Charge system will give customers access to more than 4,900 public charging stations across the country. The company says that's more than half of all networked charging points in Canada. Thanks to the ChargePoint partnership, customers will be able to use the charge stations of that company as well as those of Flo and other networks.

Access to more than 2,400 "semi-public" charge ports will also be part of the program. These are chargers located at workplaces and other locations like hotels that would normally be access-controlled to only those who work there or to hotel guests.

To help keep its charging green, Mercedes-Benz said that it would use a program that ensures that all power put into one of its EVs will see an equivalent amount of renewable energy put into the grid. Mercedes says this helps reduce CO2 footprint, but that it also increases green energy demand and helps develop new green power sources.

Starting at the end of the year, Mercedes-EQ will add Plug & Charge. This is a new vehicle feature that skips most of the steps of starting a charge session, signing into the right account, and needing multiple billing accounts. With Plug & Charge, you plug in and you charge. The car and charging station bill your car's account automatically.

Lastly, a partnership with Flo and Qmerit will offer a Flo Home X5 smart charger with four-year warranty and Qmerit installation. Customers will be able to finance their home charging station, through this partnership, using Mercedes-Benz Financial Services just like their vehicle purchase or lease.

“Canada is a significant and highly anticipated market for Mercedes-Benz when it comes to the new Mercedes-EQ sub-brand," said Mercedes global head of charging partnerships Nico Dettmer. "Mercedes-EQ drivers in Canada can look forward to a sizable and rapidly expanding public and semi-public charging station infrastructure that will allow them to travel easily across Canada."